As We Take Those Golden Strides Into 2016…

Hi survivors! It’s hours now until the new year, hours until 2016 and I just had to give something.
While you reflect and decide on what to do better or differently or more graciously or you fill it in, you totally get the picture, do remember that you are a survivor.
Seeing the year 2015 to this point proves that.
Reading this post right now proves that too.
So while we reflect, let us not regret.
And while we resolutions, let us not make accusations.
All that happened, sure happened for a reason. Hope you enjoyed the fun times and learnt from the not-so-fun times. Hope you’re ready for that fresh start. The new energy that comes with the new year should drive you to achieve greatness. Let it!
The new hope you feel should keep you determined to succeed come 2016. Let it!

Here’s me wishing you the very best of the new year.
Here’s me saying to you survivor, let’s do it again in 2016 and let’s do it bigger and better.
Happy New Year in advance friends.
As we take those golden strides into the new year, remember that GoldenStrides loves you; I love you!




Where’s your smile?

Hi lovelies, a beautiful day to you! Well, you know I can’t end there so I’m gonna ask, “How are you feeling?” Had to ask because I wish someone would ask me too. We all need that kinda care.
So if you’re feeling good, live it up!
If you’re feeling excited, good for you!
If you’re feeling optimistic, just perfect! Everyone needs that.
Now if you’re feeling down, I’m gonna ask, “Why?” You might have to take a minute to think of why but I don’t. Feeling like I’m at the lowest of lows right now in my life and I could give you a tonne of reasons why I should be feeling down but then again, I’m asking myself that same question, “Why?”
So I don’t know your reasons, crap! I have no idea why you’re feeling down and out. Feeling may be justified but that’s part of the reason I’m here for you. Let’s do the exercise together. I’m on it already but feel free to join.
Take a minute and drop all the negative reasons, we’re picking up the positives starting from the simplest you can think of. There are lots of positives by the way if you would just look.

We both have sight, you can totally see and read this so smile.
We have life and so hope, else you wouldn’t still be reading so smile.
You’ve had your meal for the time of day, there are people starving and definitely not by choice so go on, smile.
This list could go on and on but I trust you have reasons I’m unaware of, so go on and make that list. Share with us here if you may because some may not realise it’s a reason worth smiling for. The point of the exercise is to keep going until you’re wearing that beautiful smile of yours. Mine is still getting broader and here’s hoping you’ll find yours, beautiful and broad.

Smile, it’s free therapy.

-Douglas Horton

Do have a very cheerful day!

Did You Miss Me?

Hi lovelies! How much I’ve missed being here for you all. Well, I missed being here for me too. I have to apologize for my absence, for not being here to deliver those everyday tips for everyday living. Some circumstances beyond my firm control but hey, I’m back now and hopefully to serve you way better.

We’ve talked about forgiveness before so I’m hoping you’ve all been practising it because I  like to think I’ve been forgiven already. I am so sorry for my absence and I sure missed you all more than you missed me. Ok this is  just me hoping that you did.

So I’m back, get ready for a new ride you and I will enjoy. Keep visiting because I’d really hate for you to miss any of the tips we’ll be sharing and discussing right here. Missed you all so much.


We feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean but the ocean would be less without that missing drop.

-Mother Theresa

How Choosing To Forgive Totally Set Me Free!

Hi everyone! Apologies for the break in delivering those words you need to make your golden strides. I’m truly sorry and I must say, you have to forgive me because today, we’re going to learn to practice FORGIVENESS. So yes, you can start by forgiving me. Don’t point any fingers, it’s a start.

Before I go on, allow me share something one of my favourite authors said. Well get ready to forgive me again if I don’t say it just right. Stormie Omartian said, “Forgiving someone doesn’t make them right, it makes you free.” And I believe it. I know you’ve probably heard this before, and maybe in entirely different words but it’s true so I’m bringing it to you again.

Now for those wondering why I’m emphasizing on something that’s almost certain you’ve heard before, lemme help make it clear. This post is about forgiveness and how it sure does free you. It’s not meant to make you believe it any more than you already do but to let you know it is what it is. I know because I’m going to be using a really personal experience.

I love sharing stories with you so here goes mine. The first time I ever left home for longer than two whole weeks, it was for a specific study and I had to stay with my elder sister. Before we go on though, I should tell you she was an idol. My idol. I literally adored her. I imitated almost everything about her. And believe me, that’s not even doing justice to how we really were. I told her everything and she shared pretty much with me too.

Well that took a turn and if you’re guessing already what might have happened, keep trying.

… and then all that adoration seemed to be turning to rage. And anger. And bitterness towards…

To be continued.


Hi beautiful people! What I want to share with you right now is kinda gross so buckle up. As gross as it might be, I think it’s important and I just have to tell you. I’m all about sharing with you because I love you. So here goes. Five days ago, I got hit by malaria and it was so not cool. Was so weak, feverish, plus I had tons of drugs to take and I hate drugs! Now whenever I’m down in health like that, water and all other liquid stuff become enemies. I don’t know the factual reason but here’s what I think. I take water, I feel worse. All mushy inside and then I throw-up. Gosh, I hate throwing-up. It’s sickening and hello, someone’s sick already so why make it worse. Asides using water to take my drugs, you won’t catch me with a bottle.
Now that is just the good side. Bad side is, no water, no waste removal, if you know what I mean. So what I’m saying is for four days, had a little difficulty in that area. I should tell you though that the only time I can go three or four days without visiting the potty is if I’m in a new environment and I don’t like their convenience. There’s this weird but quite comfortable understanding my body has with my mind and whatever else that keeps me going without having to visit the convenience until I’m back home or back to a more appealing environ. Now I’m smiling because it’s funny but very true.
Back to my health, one of the first signs I’m better is my ability to take in fluids without that sick feeling in my stomach. By day four, I was getting there. By day five, I was so there. First thing I did in the morning? You guessed right, I drank a full glass of water and no, I did NOT throw up. What I did however is, I visited the potty and it sure felt good. So there I was sitting and thinking how many sick people in the hospitals can’t get up and do what I’m doing right now. Some people are so weak on their sick beds that they need help to sit up, how much more going to the potty. Maybe they can drink as much water as they want, but they can’t get up, they can’t move, I can and so can you.
You may be wondering what I’m driving at. Answer this for me. What is bothering you so much right now that you fail to be grateful for your life? What is that thing you need so bad you feel your life is probably in the worst shape? A lot of the time, we fail to be grateful for what we do have and can do. We fail to see that there’s always so much to be grateful for. Look around you. You can read this post. There are more blind people than anyone can count. Some have never seen the clouds but you have. Some people cannot move about but you can. Some can’t read but you can. Some people have different sizes of tubes running through parts of their body to help them get rid of waste or get the air you breathe in freely. You and I should be more grateful.
So when you wake up in the morning, be grateful you’re up.
When you visit the potty, on your own, be grateful.
As you move around your home, be grateful.
When you step outside your home, be grateful.
As you go about your business today, do wear the most beautiful smile you have knowing you have it good.
Some people have it bad, some have it worse, they still manage to be grateful for it but you, you have your life all good.
Be grateful for it.