As We Take Those Golden Strides Into 2016…

Hi survivors! It’s hours now until the new year, hours until 2016 and I just had to give something.
While you reflect and decide on what to do better or differently or more graciously or you fill it in, you totally get the picture, do remember that you are a survivor.
Seeing the year 2015 to this point proves that.
Reading this post right now proves that too.
So while we reflect, let us not regret.
And while we resolutions, let us not make accusations.
All that happened, sure happened for a reason. Hope you enjoyed the fun times and learnt from the not-so-fun times. Hope you’re ready for that fresh start. The new energy that comes with the new year should drive you to achieve greatness. Let it!
The new hope you feel should keep you determined to succeed come 2016. Let it!

Here’s me wishing you the very best of the new year.
Here’s me saying to you survivor, let’s do it again in 2016 and let’s do it bigger and better.
Happy New Year in advance friends.
As we take those golden strides into the new year, remember that GoldenStrides loves you; I love you!