Talk or Not? When and How?

Hi everyone! I’m feeling a little guilty with this particular post because as I write it, can’t help but think I’m about to preach what I still have difficulty putting into practice. The fact that I don’t practice it as often as I’d love to doesn’t make it any less right or impossible. A lot of people may find it hard to do too but hey guess what, you are not alone there. So here goes our post for the day – OPEN UP!
Sometimes I cannot believe how easy it is for some people to just come right out and spill their guts. Other times though, I am just totally amazed at how some people expect you to read their minds. Now this second bit is just not possible. Granted, some couples have been married so long they totally understand each other and other times, they just have body language they have come to understand. When you hang around these kinda couples for a bit, it seems as though they can read each other’s minds but really, they can’t. So that brings us back to it, you just have to open up.
As with everything, there is doing it excessively and then there is not doing it enough. We should always find a balance and by that I mean timing. When telling people how we feel, we need to know when to say what and how to say it. Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it, your tone at the moment, your body language, and the look you have in your eyes, all of that is communication. People will hear what you say and see what your body is saying. Putting both together will either make the person feel better or worse and we want better.
For those who will spill their guts whenever and wherever, control is what they need to learn. For those who hold back all the time and expect people around them to become mind readers, it’s one step at a time. An author I love refers to these different types of people as Babbling Brook and Dead Sea. I’m telling you right now, don’t force it else you’ll feel frustrated. You can’t go from Dead Sea to Babbling Brook or the other way around. No one should. What we do need however, is a balance.
I’m sure you can tell what category you belong to or if you have it alright already. Thumbs up to those who do. I don’t and this post is for me as much as it is for you. How about we encourage each other, share our progress and get better together. Those who have difficulty explaining how they feel to their loved ones, remember it’s one step at a time. As for the Babbling Brooks, you should do more listening than talking. You can start today!

Expect more on this topic because we can totally avoid a whole lot of problems when we get the hang of it.


Fondest memories

Hi everyone! We all know our family is the best link we have to our past and no, I’m not talking ‘ugly past’ here, I’m talking about fond memories. Our fondest memories as kids, things we did while growing up, the things we enjoyed, games we played, the friends we cherished, the list could go on and on but I know we got the picture already. Now no one but family can bring it all back or tell it just best, so yes, my point is this- keep family close!
My kid brother is just 11 years old and he sure remembers the name Angel from his nursery school days but he doesn’t remember how much he used to talk about her. Now I can’t tell you how much laughter I get out of him just reminding him of it. Or is it the funny AIT song he used to love as a kid and danced to? He doesn’t even believe it right now that he loved that song but it sure as hell still makes him laugh so hard. We always have fun bringing these old memories back and so I’ll say it again- keep family close! They bring the best memories back.
Speaking of best memories and those to keep close, do you remember your friends from childhood? Sometimes adults forget they were once kids and how they had that special clique of friends. You know the ones. Those friends mummy had a hard time getting you to leave for the day or just a while to come have dinner or have a bath? Sure we remember. Well, they were the ones you couldn’t go a day without playing with. So I get that we are now adults and have work and don’t forget varying interests now but wouldn’t a good laugh do your body and mind good right now? Yes, you saw where I was driving to. When last did you hear from them? True, you don’t have their contact but have you tried finding them on Facebook? What you waiting for? Go ahead, bring back the memories, find an old friend, ring up a family member, put a smile on someone’s face and you’ll get one too, make their day- let’s go reminiscing!