Buckle Up! No Excuses!

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for going AWOL on y’all. Truth be told, I’ve missed dishing out tips here and sharing stuff with you. So this is me apologizing and hoping you’ll be nice enough to forgive.

Since I’m forgiven, let’s get on.

My absence here is partly due to my crazy workload right now but like I’ve said before, there’s really no excuse when one is committed to something. So well, you get my point. I’ve not been so committed and that’s such a shame.

A friend said to wait until the new year and start afresh. With new commitments. With new decisions. With new hope. With new vibe.

Uhmmmmm nah ah! I’m starting now!

Here’s my new commitment: to share stuff with you at least twice a week; to post something new for you to read; to share my personal experience here, with YOU!

So keep visiting and hold me to my new commitment.

Catch you in a bit!

And ooh

Are you gonna wait until the new year?

Or are you gonna buckle up and make some new commitments yourself.

You just might be headed to the next level and a fresh commitment is all the boost you need.



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