How Choosing To Forgive Totally Set Me Free!

Hi everyone! Apologies for the break in delivering those words you need to make your golden strides. I’m truly sorry and I must say, you have to forgive me because today, we’re going to learn to practice FORGIVENESS. So yes, you can start by forgiving me. Don’t point any fingers, it’s a start.

Before I go on, allow me share something one of my favourite authors said. Well get ready to forgive me again if I don’t say it just right. Stormie Omartian said, “Forgiving someone doesn’t make them right, it makes you free.” And I believe it. I know you’ve probably heard this before, and maybe in entirely different words but it’s true so I’m bringing it to you again.

Now for those wondering why I’m emphasizing on something that’s almost certain you’ve heard before, lemme help make it clear. This post is about forgiveness and how it sure does free you. It’s not meant to make you believe it any more than you already do but to let you know it is what it is. I know because I’m going to be using a really personal experience.

I love sharing stories with you so here goes mine. The first time I ever left home for longer than two whole weeks, it was for a specific study and I had to stay with my elder sister. Before we go on though, I should tell you she was an idol. My idol. I literally adored her. I imitated almost everything about her. And believe me, that’s not even doing justice to how we really were. I told her everything and she shared pretty much with me too.

Well that took a turn and if you’re guessing already what might have happened, keep trying.

… and then all that adoration seemed to be turning to rage. And anger. And bitterness towards…

To be continued.


Grateful Grateful Grateful me wishing you all a Super Pleasant November

Hi everyone! It’s a new month and here’s me wishing you all the very best from and of it. Yep, that’s just how much I want you to get nothing but the best this sweet November. A month of no regrets I want it to be for me and you. A month of accomplishment to all those who feel “Oh the year is gone already and there’s no way I’m accomplishing all I set out for I haven’t gotten yet”
Well people, this is me saying puleeeeez PUSH THAT THOUGHT ASIDE. Never say never! Keep believing! But most of all, don’t stop trying! Just keep working at it and you will wear that beautiful smile of yours at the end. You are not a quitter. Success does not love quitters.
So a very super pleasant November to you and from a truly grateful heart, thanks for all your likes and follows. Not only do you honour me with them, you also do something amazing for me. You bring your awesome blogs to my notice and for that I’m indeed grateful.
May we all find strength in doing what we love even better this sweet November. That goes to everyone. Cheers to a November to remember.