Break Free and Be Happy

Hi you! Yeah you, you reading this post right now. Let’s get you thinking about you for a second. What’s that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while now? That project you’ve been meaning to start. That hobby you so want to create time for but feel you really can’t afford to pause your workaholic lifestyle. Yep, I said it! You’re probably guilty of being a workaholic without even knowing it. You really have to break free of that unhealthy lifestyle.
Now someone’s saying I’m not guilty of that. Well how about that toxic friendship you have? Ooh wait a minute! You didn’t know it was toxic? I think you did but we both know how hard change can be. How hard it could be to break a friendship. Believe me, I’m a firm believer of giving people the benefit of the doubt. Really, you never know if you could be the reason a person chooses to be different. And I mean different good. But sometimes you might be the one changing and I mean bad change. It’s usually not very obvious, little by little you don’t even notice it. You are no longer growing, you begin to enjoy the dirty habits with them, you name it, you know it.
OK! Now someone’s saying I have no toxic friendships. Well, maybe not. How about that poor habit of yours. I’m a defaulter here. I’ve got a really poor eating habit but today, I’ve chosen to change that. What about you? Change can be so hard you say, I know. Still struggling with my choice. Jeez, how hard it can be to break a habit! But hey, we have to try.
Looks like someone still doesn’t see how any of this is his or her business. Well, how about that job you hate so much? Ouch, think I hit a nerve there but it’s true. For some people, it’s a relationship they know for certain they should end. That can be scary. The heartbreak. The hurt. Starting over. Too much to handle? You can do it. For some, it’s an exercise routine they are long overdue to begin. A dress sense they want so bad to embrace but are worried what people will say. It’s your body. You want to start covering up more, go ahead. You want to show a bit more legs, go ahead. If it’s decent, embrace it! Others will too.
So today, please you darling, make the decision to drop that poor habit, change your wardrobe, make that trip, or start that exercise you need.
Today, make the conscious effort to break free from old, boring, and toxic and embrace New, Fresh, and Healthy.
With love, have a healthy and happy day today and tomorrow and always!


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