Friendship: How we cherish it!

Hi everyone, hope y’all have been keeping fit. Today we’re talking about the only people that can comfortably make crazy comments about how fit you are. Yes, you guessed it right – FRIENDS! I mean true friends.
My elder sister is presently with a make-up academy here in PH city and on two different occasions I was chanced, I went with her to play her model and loved every bit of it. It was free professional make-up for the day after all. Anyways, the reason I mentioned this is because very recently, she told me of a little crisis they had. Crisis I say because a number of persons got suspended as a result. I know you can’t wait to get the gist but first, who do you call your friends?
Some people would call just about anyone they chat with a friend. Some on the other hand save the title for just those they truly connect with. I on the other hand, well let’s just say I love to categorize my friends. They all fall under different categories with very beautiful French or Spanish names. I have a thing for those two languages. Plus, the naming is a fun thing for me.
So back to the gist. The two times I was at the make-up studio (name withheld), we were early. By early I mean just some minutes to ten O’clock. They start work by ten. Again ‘early’ I said because by the time we got there, only staff were present. A little while later though, the lady boss arrived and in minutes some other ladies showed up.
While they awaited the rest of the gang, you’ll understand gang later, they started gisting. That’s expected you might say but until ‘the others’ arrived and even about an hour later, the gist continued. It was fun just being there and listening to these ladies talk and laugh and just totally enjoy each other’s company.
Now the crisis. According to my sister, one day a certain Mrs. made a statement as a joke though that some people had been there way past their required training time and did not want to graduate. She said madam was been too lenient letting them stay over two months past what they paid for. Madam called for a general meeting three days later and quoting the certain Mrs, she pleaded that all those who fell under such category stop coming around. She was through with them after all.
Major crisis. These women all turned on the certain Mrs. and gave her serious lashing for the little joke taken serious by madam. They told her if she wanted to stop coming around, she should feel free to and not ruin things for them. Beefing her over the comment she had made some days earlier. Now madam’s reaction was to suspend those women who carried the matter on their head and took it so personally. Suspended them for two whole weeks.
I should tell you now that these women loved each other so much. So the question is, what was the problem in this case? What could have made a lady talk her husband into accompanying her to madam’s house to plead with her? Plead with her to call-off the suspension. I’ll tell you what I think. They loved each other and had found in this gathering of theirs FRIENDSHIP.
Friends in the same age bracket as them.
Friends with similar interests.
Friends who talked about all and everything.
Friends they could comfortably discuss every issue with.
Friends who totally understood them.
Now they could not stand being away from such circle for two whole weeks. I understand that because I have such wonderful friends. Do you?
If you do, cherish them.
If you don’t, find them.
Everyone needs friendship. Some say the more the merrier. Personally, my circle is small and I love it that way. But I say to you that with friendship, any number is just fine as long as you all connect. That’s what is important.
Feel free to share an inspiring friendship story.


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