Hi beautiful people! Hope you are staying happy. A happy life after all is what everybody deserves. I for one, I love to see a happy face everywhere I turn. As much as we try to be the happy face that makes another person happy, it’s not always the case. Today for instance, I didn’t wake up so happy. Come to think of it, I couldn’t place my mood on any bad event. I just was not happy. Like it’s said, I probably woke up on the wrong side of my bed.
Things took a different turn sometime around noon. Or better put, my lips took an upward turn and my face got the lift it so needed. What happened you may be wondering, I was paid a very pleasant compliment. I met a friend and he mentioned how beautiful my eyes were. Of course I’ve been told more times than I can count that my eyes are beautiful. Did I think about it before someone mentioned it again? No, I didn’t. That’s to say a lot of people around us forget how beautiful they are, what number of things about themselves they love, and so much more that could make them wear a smile easily.
Now this post is just about that… that smile! It is the perfect facelift you and everyone around you needs.
I didn’t need a compliment to remind me of that. You don’t either. We should all appreciate our bodies more. We are alive and kicking and that is something in itself. Granted, there will be days when this kinda smile won’t come easily. Not to worry, I have a formula that works. I call it my “mirror therapy”. Of all days, it had to be a day I needed it the most I didn’t use it. Well, won’t happen again.
So here’s how it works. You go to your mirror and stand right in front of it and smile at yourself. It works! If you’re so pissed or vexed or in too much of a bad mood, then pick one of your fav body features and tell your mirror self how wonderful it is. What I’m saying here is, PAY YOURSELF A COMPLIMENT. Personally, the compliment makes me smile. Sometimes, it’s just the silliness of it that gives me the facelift I so need. Now if you find this too preposterous, then allow yourself out of your own shell for a minute and pay someone else a compliment. That means intentionally looking for something beautiful about the person and voicing it. This simple act should put a smile on their face and well, you get to smile to and that’s a start.
By simply doing this, you just don’t get the facelift you so need, you also be the reason another person gets theirs. Now go on and carry out this non-surgical procedure on as many people as you can. It will do them good as much as it will do you. Cheers!

A Whole Day Of Selfless Deeds Can Do You Good

Hi everyone! I’ve been so busy with my many other commitments that I’ve not had the time to post anything new. Honest apologies for that. This is not my regular kind of post but as always, I just wanna share with you.
So today, I barely did anything for myself. I mean, barely even found the time to eat. I can totally say most of what I did today was for everyone but me. At some point it was tiring, can admit that much, but I really did not feel as tired as I thought I would at the end of the day. If anything, I felt refreshed. Like I could think clearly and see all the bits of everything that was earlier blurry.
All I’m trying to say here is, sometimes, we need to take time out from our own issues and help someone else out. Do stuff for another person that does not benefit you directly in any way. A friend of mine once said, when you think your problems have become overwhelming, keep them aside and help someone else out of their own problem. He said this selfless act of solving another person’s problem will not only do your mind good but just might help you see how you can solve yours.
Granted, I’ve got issues to deal with, bills to pay, let’s just say stuff to keep my mind on me. But today, I left it all and focused on everyone but myself. It felt good. I have to warn you though, that it felt good at the end of the day. No, not when I was so hungry and wanted to abandon the task at hand. Or when I was feeling exhausted and wanted the comfort of my bed. Looking at the people that needed my help, I kept going and at the end of the day I felt good.
So this is more like a challenge for you. Pick a day. A whole day to do nothing beneficial to you directly, just for every other person. There’s always someone around you that needs your help. In whatever form you can give it. It could be just your company, or advice, or a true helping hand. It could be just a joke to help them note again that all hope is not lost. It could be something that’s really simple or something that completely takes you out of your way.
Go ahead and do it. It is rewarding. Not outwardly, but it sure is. I know because no act of kindness is ever wasted. Remember, it could be something really simple. So go on. Pick a day. Do it cheerfully. The way you give is more important than what you give.

Talk or Not? When and How?

Hi everyone! I’m feeling a little guilty with this particular post because as I write it, can’t help but think I’m about to preach what I still have difficulty putting into practice. The fact that I don’t practice it as often as I’d love to doesn’t make it any less right or impossible. A lot of people may find it hard to do too but hey guess what, you are not alone there. So here goes our post for the day – OPEN UP!
Sometimes I cannot believe how easy it is for some people to just come right out and spill their guts. Other times though, I am just totally amazed at how some people expect you to read their minds. Now this second bit is just not possible. Granted, some couples have been married so long they totally understand each other and other times, they just have body language they have come to understand. When you hang around these kinda couples for a bit, it seems as though they can read each other’s minds but really, they can’t. So that brings us back to it, you just have to open up.
As with everything, there is doing it excessively and then there is not doing it enough. We should always find a balance and by that I mean timing. When telling people how we feel, we need to know when to say what and how to say it. Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it, your tone at the moment, your body language, and the look you have in your eyes, all of that is communication. People will hear what you say and see what your body is saying. Putting both together will either make the person feel better or worse and we want better.
For those who will spill their guts whenever and wherever, control is what they need to learn. For those who hold back all the time and expect people around them to become mind readers, it’s one step at a time. An author I love refers to these different types of people as Babbling Brook and Dead Sea. I’m telling you right now, don’t force it else you’ll feel frustrated. You can’t go from Dead Sea to Babbling Brook or the other way around. No one should. What we do need however, is a balance.
I’m sure you can tell what category you belong to or if you have it alright already. Thumbs up to those who do. I don’t and this post is for me as much as it is for you. How about we encourage each other, share our progress and get better together. Those who have difficulty explaining how they feel to their loved ones, remember it’s one step at a time. As for the Babbling Brooks, you should do more listening than talking. You can start today!

Expect more on this topic because we can totally avoid a whole lot of problems when we get the hang of it.


Hi beautiful people! What I want to share with you right now is kinda gross so buckle up. As gross as it might be, I think it’s important and I just have to tell you. I’m all about sharing with you because I love you. So here goes. Five days ago, I got hit by malaria and it was so not cool. Was so weak, feverish, plus I had tons of drugs to take and I hate drugs! Now whenever I’m down in health like that, water and all other liquid stuff become enemies. I don’t know the factual reason but here’s what I think. I take water, I feel worse. All mushy inside and then I throw-up. Gosh, I hate throwing-up. It’s sickening and hello, someone’s sick already so why make it worse. Asides using water to take my drugs, you won’t catch me with a bottle.
Now that is just the good side. Bad side is, no water, no waste removal, if you know what I mean. So what I’m saying is for four days, had a little difficulty in that area. I should tell you though that the only time I can go three or four days without visiting the potty is if I’m in a new environment and I don’t like their convenience. There’s this weird but quite comfortable understanding my body has with my mind and whatever else that keeps me going without having to visit the convenience until I’m back home or back to a more appealing environ. Now I’m smiling because it’s funny but very true.
Back to my health, one of the first signs I’m better is my ability to take in fluids without that sick feeling in my stomach. By day four, I was getting there. By day five, I was so there. First thing I did in the morning? You guessed right, I drank a full glass of water and no, I did NOT throw up. What I did however is, I visited the potty and it sure felt good. So there I was sitting and thinking how many sick people in the hospitals can’t get up and do what I’m doing right now. Some people are so weak on their sick beds that they need help to sit up, how much more going to the potty. Maybe they can drink as much water as they want, but they can’t get up, they can’t move, I can and so can you.
You may be wondering what I’m driving at. Answer this for me. What is bothering you so much right now that you fail to be grateful for your life? What is that thing you need so bad you feel your life is probably in the worst shape? A lot of the time, we fail to be grateful for what we do have and can do. We fail to see that there’s always so much to be grateful for. Look around you. You can read this post. There are more blind people than anyone can count. Some have never seen the clouds but you have. Some people cannot move about but you can. Some can’t read but you can. Some people have different sizes of tubes running through parts of their body to help them get rid of waste or get the air you breathe in freely. You and I should be more grateful.
So when you wake up in the morning, be grateful you’re up.
When you visit the potty, on your own, be grateful.
As you move around your home, be grateful.
When you step outside your home, be grateful.
As you go about your business today, do wear the most beautiful smile you have knowing you have it good.
Some people have it bad, some have it worse, they still manage to be grateful for it but you, you have your life all good.
Be grateful for it.

Show it, they learn it!

I come from a big family and it is so much fun. I have six siblings and what’s even more fun is that I’m right in the middle. Sharing stuff kinda comes naturally to you if you have such a big family or at least it does to me as with every member of my family. As important as sharing is, not everything is meant to be shared. I personally encourage sharing and teaching little kids to learn to share but please let us always remember personal items such as toothbrushes and the likes are better off being yours and yours alone. As an adult though, it does not hurt to buy one for a person who does not have, that is also sharing.
Parents know exactly when to start teaching their kids to share and that is such a wonderful thing. Some others do not see why they should put in the effort but it is necessary if you want your child to make friends and get along well when they eventually start school. Sharing is vital for children to play cooperatively and you really don’t want your little boy or girl to be the one other kids won’t play with because he won’t pass the ball or get off the swing. Some kids are starting school for the first time remember.
Now you get the picture. So if it does not come naturally to them, teach them to learn to share. This would not be complete if I do not include that children often take their cues from what they see their parents doing. That is the best way to teach your children. When you model good sharing in everyday family life, you give your children a great example to follow. Aunts, uncles, big cousins, all included. For the child who does not enjoy sharing so much, be sure to always comment and praise them when they do share nicely. This will encourage them to share some more.
Love is cheering and sharing and compassion and giving and receiving.
Love is an action thing more than a word thing that brings comfort
or joy or relief to anyone or anything.
-Ziggy Marley
Sharing does not have to be difficult. A good place to start would be during meals, from learning to pass the bowl to sharing a bed with a sibling. There are numerous ways we can share at home and as a family. Happiness should be shared, just as pain and loss too. The old adage says, “A problem shared is half-solved”. By sharing a problem, you give the other person a chance to share their wisdom by helping to proffer a solution. Remember, it’s all about giving and that still remains one of the best ways to show love. Have you had a kindness shown today? Have you been sharing enough lately? Don’t forget that sharing is a basic component of human interactions and is largely responsible for strengthening family ties. What special moments have you shared with family lately? If none, create one.