It’s Still Exercise…no stress!

         Hi everyone, I really hope you’ve been shielding yourselves enough from the cold. Believe me, I have.  Lately, I’ve had this mild pain around my upper back and for some weird reason thought it was the cold weather. Well the doctor in my head said so but the pain really did not plan on leaving so I called up my uncle who is a qualified doctor to fix an appointment. After I explained why though, he asked if I exercised on a regular basis. I do. Or did. Or well, used to. Anyways, he called some name and suggested I resume exercising, explaining that the pain was as a result of the lack of. Now I can only testify of the relief as I took up exercising again.

         You might be wondering the exact forms of exercise I’ve been doing and I’d be more than happy to share if you would just ask. As for those who see exercise as hard work, it really doesn’t have to be. You’ve heard it before but I have to tell you, the benefits of exercising really can not be over-emphasized. I can only mention a few here for you and some of you even know lots more. Please feel free to share. So here goes –

  • totally good for mood improvements
  • improves oxygen supply to your organs
  • good for your heart, remember you have just one so you want to care for it well 
  • promotes weight loss
  • lowers high blood pressure

and there are lots more. This post is meant to encourage you to begin some work-out routine. Add exercise to your daily schedule and it will do you good. You don’t have to wait until you get some reminder in the form of body pain. It doesn’t  have to be stressful either, exercise is actually a de-stressor. If you feel you can’t fix it in somehow, how about you use the staircase more at work instead of the elevators. You get a chance to walk, take it. There are lots of ways you can exercise.

         Can’t leave without telling you my favourite  benefit though. Exercise is totally anti-ageing. So there you have it, add exercise to your everyday to-do list and live healthier, better and longer.

P.S- there’ll be more on exercise soonest. Until then, ciao!



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