It’s Still Exercise…no stress!

         Hi everyone, I really hope you’ve been shielding yourselves enough from the cold. Believe me, I have.  Lately, I’ve had this mild pain around my upper back and for some weird reason thought it was the cold weather. Well the doctor in my head said so but the pain really did not plan on leaving so I called up my uncle who is a qualified doctor to fix an appointment. After I explained why though, he asked if I exercised on a regular basis. I do. Or did. Or well, used to. Anyways, he called some name and suggested I resume exercising, explaining that the pain was as a result of the lack of. Now I can only testify of the relief as I took up exercising again.

         You might be wondering the exact forms of exercise I’ve been doing and I’d be more than happy to share if you would just ask. As for those who see exercise as hard work, it really doesn’t have to be. You’ve heard it before but I have to tell you, the benefits of exercising really can not be over-emphasized. I can only mention a few here for you and some of you even know lots more. Please feel free to share. So here goes –

  • totally good for mood improvements
  • improves oxygen supply to your organs
  • good for your heart, remember you have just one so you want to care for it well 
  • promotes weight loss
  • lowers high blood pressure

and there are lots more. This post is meant to encourage you to begin some work-out routine. Add exercise to your daily schedule and it will do you good. You don’t have to wait until you get some reminder in the form of body pain. It doesn’t  have to be stressful either, exercise is actually a de-stressor. If you feel you can’t fix it in somehow, how about you use the staircase more at work instead of the elevators. You get a chance to walk, take it. There are lots of ways you can exercise.

         Can’t leave without telling you my favourite  benefit though. Exercise is totally anti-ageing. So there you have it, add exercise to your everyday to-do list and live healthier, better and longer.

P.S- there’ll be more on exercise soonest. Until then, ciao!




I come from a big family and it is so much fun. I have six siblings and what’s even more fun is that I’m right in the middle. Sharing stuff kinda comes naturally to you if you have such a big family or at least it does to me as with every member of my family. As important as sharing is, not everything is meant to be shared. I personally encourage sharing and teaching little kids to learn to share but please let us always remember personal items such as toothbrushes and the likes are better off being yours and yours alone. As an adult though, it does not hurt to buy one for a person who does not have, that is also sharing.

Parents know exactly when to start teaching their kids to share and that is such a wonderful thing. Some others do not see why they should put in the effort but it is necessary if you want your child to make freiends and get along well when they eventually start school. Sharing is vital for children to play cooperatively and you really don’t want your little boy or girl to be the one other kids won’t play with because he won’t pass the ball or get off the swing.

Now you get the picture. So if it does not come naturally to them, teach them to learn to share. This would not be complete if I do not include that children often take their cues from what they see their parents doing. That is the best way to teach your children. When you model good sharing in everyday family life, you give your children a great example to follow. For the child who does not enjoy sharing so much, be sure to always comment and praise them when they do share nicely. This will encourage them to share some more.

Love is cheering and sharing and compassion and giving and receiving.
Love is an action thing more than a word thing that brings comfort
or joy or relief to anyone or anything.
-Ziggy Marley

Sharing does not have to be difficult. A good place to start would be during meals, from learning to pass the bowl to sharing a bed with a sibling. There are numerous ways we can share at home and as a family. Happiness should be shared, just as pain and loss too. The old adage says, “A problem shared is half-solved”. By sharing a problem, you give the other person a chance to share their wisdom by helping to proffer a solution. Remember, it’s all about giving and that still remains one of the best ways to show love. Have you had a kindness shown today? Have you been sharing enough lately? Don’t forget that sharing is a basic component of human interactions and is largely responsible for strengthening family ties. What special moments have you shared with family lately? If none, create one.