International Women’s Day 2018: Celebrate Her

International Women’s Day Celebration

March 8 is a day set aside to commemorate women who through history have shown valor and caused dramatic changes in their immediate society and the world at large. From time past, women have greatly impacted social, economic, political and lots of other sectors. Many dates mark how the movement for women’s rights started and countries like Russia as far back as 1913 have celebrated National Women’s Day. It wasn’t until 1917 that March 8th became official for honouring women, but even then, just communist countries marked it.

Who Should be Celebrated?

The International Women’s Day however, was adopted by the United Nations in 1975 and more countries joined in. Today marks another such day and across the world, women are being celebrated in diverse ways. Some people have made arguments that only very prominent women are being celebrated. A twitter user called them “influential women”. I don’t know how you choose to mark today but like my reply to her, this honour is for every woman. There is no “ordinary woman”, contrary to what she said. Every woman in whatever way is doing her part. The celebration of the ” influential women” if that is the case then should inspire you to be influential in your own way. Today is for the women who have achieved the very obvious like Yaa Asantewa of Ghana, Queen Ana Nzinga of Angola, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti of Nigeria, Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, Alice Paul of the United States of America and many others, just as much as it is for the woman who sells in the fruit market to support her family, the one with a child on her back you bumped into while getting off the bus, the female teacher you made a joke about to your friends and every other woman.

The International Women’s Day is for her. This year’s theme #PressforProgress is more than a wake up call for women. It is a wake up call for everyone. There is still so much to be done to make living better for people the world over. Women are beginning to play major roles to see to it. Even the woman that wakes up early to make sure her children eat and make it to school in good time while she goes on to work. So take the time and appreciate the women in your life; your mum, wife, sister, aunt, grandmother, neighbour, endless list. Today is International Women’s Day 2018, celebrate her. Happy International Women’s Day!


As We Take Those Golden Strides Into 2016…

Hi survivors! It’s hours now until the new year, hours until 2016 and I just had to give something.
While you reflect and decide on what to do better or differently or more graciously or you fill it in, you totally get the picture, do remember that you are a survivor.
Seeing the year 2015 to this point proves that.
Reading this post right now proves that too.
So while we reflect, let us not regret.
And while we resolutions, let us not make accusations.
All that happened, sure happened for a reason. Hope you enjoyed the fun times and learnt from the not-so-fun times. Hope you’re ready for that fresh start. The new energy that comes with the new year should drive you to achieve greatness. Let it!
The new hope you feel should keep you determined to succeed come 2016. Let it!

Here’s me wishing you the very best of the new year.
Here’s me saying to you survivor, let’s do it again in 2016 and let’s do it bigger and better.
Happy New Year in advance friends.
As we take those golden strides into the new year, remember that GoldenStrides loves you; I love you!



Be Awesome!

Hi beautiful people! This is a quickie. TODAY BE AWESOME!

There’s something about people’s perception of the sun on a Sunday. They feel the intensity is higher. The heat just feels more. Dunno how you see it but that notion is behind today’s post. So whether or not the sun is brighter or bigger on Sundays, it feels more awesome; be as awesome as the sun today.
Walk with brisk steps if you have to.
Look a little longer if you have to.
Speak positive words to everyone you have to talk to.
Don’t just be alive today, feel alive!
Be awesome today!


Don’t Quote Me! OK Do!

Hey beautiful people! This is me dropping by really fast to tell you how running away from responsibilities never helps you. Well I’m almost certain you knew that aleady but hey, no crime in a quick reminder.

You don’t grow from running away from your responsibilities; no, what you do is face them head-on.

I met the most timid person ever today… OK maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but extremely shy she was. So well lilo me couldn’t help myself; I used to be so shy (NEWS FLASH). OK back to my new friend, I got her talking and noticed she turned down every role that made people constantly look up to her or seek her out. She had done the running away thing for so long, it came naturally and just made her the nice girl who smiles at people and does the behind-the-scene-glueing.

P.S Plz tell me you know what that is.

Alright my point is: no one should be left to live that way; no one should have their self confidence so low that they never get the chance to be SEEN.

I believe everyone deserves to shine and confidence in self can be built and nurtured until you can wake up everyday ready to take on whatever life hurls at you.

Some people wear their confidence like cloaks and have mastered just how to rock it – keep doing that!

Some have it as little petticoats and people never get to see their full potential (no thanks) – you gotta change that!

That is exactly what my new friend and I have decided to do. She already agreed it’s a problem and a limit setter. I say that’s step one and we’ll build from there. She’s agreed to take on the next challenge without fear of what people might think ‘if’ she doesn’t do well. I think she will. AND people¬†will always think what they like after all so no bother!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress only if you ask (yeah!)

Until then, lemme repeat myself:

You don’t grow from running away from your responsibilities; no, what you do is face them head-on. Now that builds your self confidence!

Buckle Up! No Excuses!

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for going AWOL on y’all. Truth be told, I’ve missed dishing out tips here and sharing stuff with you. So this is me apologizing and hoping you’ll be nice enough to forgive.

Since I’m forgiven, let’s get on.

My absence here is partly due to my crazy workload right now but like I’ve said before, there’s really no excuse when one is committed to something. So well, you get my point. I’ve not been so committed and that’s such a shame.

A friend said to wait until the new year and start afresh. With new commitments. With new decisions. With new hope. With new vibe.

Uhmmmmm nah ah! I’m starting now!

Here’s my new commitment: to share stuff with you at least twice a week; to post something new for you to read; to share my personal experience here, with YOU!

So keep visiting and hold me to my new commitment.

Catch you in a bit!

And ooh

Are you gonna wait until the new year?

Or are you gonna buckle up and make some new commitments yourself.

You just might be headed to the next level and a fresh commitment is all the boost you need.


Where’s your smile?

Hi lovelies, a beautiful day to you! Well, you know I can’t end there so I’m gonna ask, “How are you feeling?” Had to ask because I wish someone would ask me too. We all need that kinda care.
So if you’re feeling good, live it up!
If you’re feeling excited, good for you!
If you’re feeling optimistic, just perfect! Everyone needs that.
Now if you’re feeling down, I’m gonna ask, “Why?” You might have to take a minute to think of why but I don’t. Feeling like I’m at the lowest of lows right now in my life and I could give you a tonne of reasons why I should be feeling down but then again, I’m asking myself that same question, “Why?”
So I don’t know your reasons, crap! I have no idea why you’re feeling down and out. Feeling may be justified but that’s part of the reason I’m here for you. Let’s do the exercise together. I’m on it already but feel free to join.
Take a minute and drop all the negative reasons, we’re picking up the positives starting from the simplest you can think of. There are lots of positives by the way if you would just look.

We both have sight, you can totally see and read this so smile.
We have life and so hope, else you wouldn’t still be reading so smile.
You’ve had your meal for the time of day, there are people starving and definitely not by choice so go on, smile.
This list could go on and on but I trust you have reasons I’m unaware of, so go on and make that list. Share with us here if you may because some may not realise it’s a reason worth smiling for. The point of the exercise is to keep going until you’re wearing that beautiful smile of yours. Mine is still getting broader and here’s hoping you’ll find yours, beautiful and broad.

Smile, it’s free therapy.

-Douglas Horton

Do have a very cheerful day!